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About the Frenchie parents


All parents are pure breeds.

About the cost

No expense spared to bring these puppies to life.  For the safety of this rare and delicate breed, each new owner of a puppy is required to pay a reasonable rehoming fee. The fee is for the puppy as a pet (not for breeding) without AKC paperwork.

Given the sensitivity of the breed, out-of-pocket costs, and time-intensive work to keep these puppies healthy and clean, serious inquiries only. Breeding rights are unavailable.

Transportation to new home is available in-state at additional cost. Contact for more details.



Tel: 415-767-6143

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 Raising a Frenchie can be a much bigger commitment than owning most pets, including other breds.  It is normal for new owners to spend twice  what they paid for in the first year. Make sure you have the funds and time to care for their vet bills, healthy diet, and outdoorsy lifestyle.