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Sold as pet only 


Dog protected 1st year against Legg Perthes & other diseases. 


Both Blue & Fawn are rare and most desired coats.

Lilo is a Fawn & Blue Faced Brindle Frenchie with brown eyes. Weighing in at 4.9 pounds on December 20, she shows a good figured body and a great personality.  She has an almost perfect white cheeks with a dotted-black nose.


Her face has a white line down the middle, balancing her spotted coat.  Lilo is totally down-to-earth and her physical aptitude will make her a fine adventurer.  Her colored coat is rare, making her highly sought after.

Rehoming Fee:

$2,900.00​ (includes up to 200 mile delivery)

Breeding rights are unavailable.  Includes 1 year health guarantee.

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A Dog Story


My Frenchie is AKC registered and gave birth in November. She bred with another AKC registered pure breed French Bulldog. The puppies look amazing and have great personalities. They are something really special. If you're looking for a Frenchie yourself, please feel free to look at the website for available puppies